Here's some more pics...we are so surprised at how quickly she's catching on...her tail is half up now on walks...she's trotting along and keeping up w/copper's pace...only one's really helping that she watches him and has totally realized that you pea or poop on every walk...she loves to sleep in her lil' dog bed in our office while one of us is on the computer...we left her crate door open last night and she came over to my side of the bed and slept most of the night on a blankie I had laid out for her...the funniest thing, is our 20-lb. cat, Lobo, just thinks she's a pipsqueak...he's been ignoring her...but yesterday, he was sitting in front of his food bowl and she sat down right in front of him and wanted to get to his food...he just laid there, swishing his tail across her face and then she acted like she wanted to play w/him, it was just hilarious!...her food/water bowl is right next to copper's now and they both eat together w/no problems...WE LOVE HER...thanks so much!  Oh - we did change her name to Penny, but she seems to respond to your tone more than anything else, so don't think it will be a big deal - Lisa

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