We just wanted to give you and the folks at APB an update on our boy Tank. He just celebrated his 1st birthday and he is doing so well!

Everyone marvels at what a soft his coat he has and how handsome he is, and we are constantly getting asked what kind of dog we have. A big beautiful mutt! Everyone's heart just melts when he's got his big goofy smile on his face.

He seems to have gotten over a lot of the fear issues he had when we first adopted him. He was nervous around strangers and would bark anxiously at everyone when they came into our home. Now, he welcomes everyone with an excited bark or two accompanied by happy tail wagging. We've taken him to two obedience classes and he's super smart (albiet a bit stubborn) and knows his commands very well. He's even passed his Canine Good Citizen Certification. I think he's finally figured out that humans can be good to him and he will get all the food and care he needs.
He LOVES visits from his grandparents and is especially fond of his 6 and 10 year old human cousins. And he knows when it's time to go see his "friends", he gets to go to the dog park to play. He does really well there, but will let dogs know that he won't be dominated. If they don't jump on him too much, they're fast friends. He loves to run and play with the big dogs and gets this amusing perplexed look on his face when the little dogs approach him. Fetch is his favorite, especially when it involves a big stick that he's found in the yard.
And he loves to sleep! In fact, he's like a teenager in the morning, and we sometimes have to encourage him out of bed so he can go potty before we go to work. But his favorite thing to do is cuddle on the couch with mom & dad, even though he doesn't fit as well as he used to when he was smaller. And, as you can see by his photo and personalized MSU jersey, he is a big State fan and will jump up and down when we do during exciting games.
He's grown into his ears as well. We just had a visit to the vet to get him weighed, and at 12 months old he's a whopping 117 pounds of muscle and wrinkles. (Which we can really feel when he sees a squirrel on our walks.) And to think he's still got a little bit of growing to do! I've attached some recent pictures. We're so thrilled he's a part of our family and we look forward to many happy years with him. Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives. And if APB ever gets another big wrinkly mastiff, Tank might be ready for a friend!
Tank's parents,
Rachel Warner & Kevin Kowalk


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