Bonnie & Clyde

To:  Cheryle and Lorna

From:  Bonnie and Clyde


This is what we learned at our new house – so far:


We can play anywhere in the house… we can even run as fast as we want – in the house!


If we go potty in the house we won’t get yelled at or scolded, because that’s why they call it an “accident.”


We can get picked up and held and cuddled anytime we want and for as long as we want, even if mommy and daddy are busy or tired.  After all, they need to be cuddled too.


A wet, sloppy kiss will make our mommy laugh… Acting silly will make daddy laugh.


A leash is not a bad thing… it just means we’re going outside and maybe even to the park to play and romp.


Bob is the “alpha” dog and he can be grumpy sometimes when we get too loud, but he’ll always let us play with his toys.  We don’t always let him play with ours, but he doesn’t seem to mind.


Sometimes Bob wakes us up in the middle of the night to go outside… and we go, because it’s fun to go outside in the middle of the night with Bob… mommy and daddy seem to think it’s fun too, because they always go with us!


You can have all the food and fresh water you want.


You won’t get into trouble if you chew up mommy’s new shoes, because if she didn’t want you to chew on them, she’d put them in the closet where they belong.  Besides, if mommy really didn’t like it when we chewed up the first pair, she would have put the second pair away…


It’s ok to have company, because when they leave, we stay right here with mom and dad.


Going for a long ride just means you’re going to Grandma’s house – and that’s a fun place to be, because grandma’s nice and she feeds you under the table… and mom and dad don’t EVER argue with grandma.


Even if mom and dad DON’T feed you at the table, they’ll give you something good after they’re done eating… and when daddy thinks mommy isn’t looking he’ll almost always slip you something good to eat under the table… and when mommy thinks daddy isn’t looking, she’ll probably slip you something good under the table too.


It’s warm and cozy here… our bed is always clean, warm and dry… mom made a new mattress and bumpers for our “room” with warm material on one side for winter and cool material on the other side for summer.  We chewed some of the pink and blue ties, but that’s ok.  Material can be replaced.


If we’re too tired to go to sleep (sometimes we play too hard at night), we get held… if that doesn’t work, we get rocked… if that doesn’t work we go to our room, but daddy will lie on the floor next to us with his hand inside our crate, talking softly to us, so we’ll feel safe and fall asleep.


This house is our home… this mommy and daddy is ours… and we’re gonna stay here!


Our mommy and daddy love us… and we love them!


Thanks for keeping us safe and getting this mommy and daddy for us… they need us as much as we need them!


Wet, sloppy kisses and warm, cuddly hugs from,

Bonnie and Clyde


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