I suppose this should be titled "The Grossman's Happy Ending" because I believe that Dodger truly brings more joy into our lives than we bring to his.   Little did I know that when I went to Michael's to buy craft supplies one Saturday this summer that I would be adding to our family.  Our young daughters, ages 6 and 8, had been asking for a dog forever, but it never seemed to be the right time; so when I saw the APB adoption day sign in front of Petco I thought that I would just walk over and check it out.  I looked at the dogs and read their stories.  I talked to foster parents.  I noticed Dodger and thought that he was sweet and certainly cute, but I wasn't ready for a dog.  I went home.  But I couldn't stop thinking about Dodger.   I got on-line and looked at his picture and read and re-read his story.  He seemed made for us.  To make a really long story not quite so long, two months later we officially adopted Dodger. We couldn't be happier.  He is truly the most wonderful dog.  He loves the girls, and the girls love him.  We take him EVERYWHERE.   When we walk into the school he is greeted with choruses of "Dodger, Dodger!!" Kids swarm him, petting him and  kissing him while he good naturedly covers their faces with his special dog kisses. We own a small independent bookstore and he has become our 'bookstore dog.'  He sits with the kids during storytime.  Children sometimes even come into the store specifically to snuggle him.  Adults often come with pockets full of dog treats--we are going to have to watch his waistline!  He is so sweet and gentle that people have suggested that he become a therapy dog.  We have also had several people ask to purchase him!  Dodger! The dog from animal rescue!  "No way," we say, "he is ours--FOREVER."

Thank you, Animal Placement Bureau and especially Jan and Al  for saving Dodger's life and making him an irreplaceable part of our lives.

Theresa, Tim, Libby, Mary and Dodger Grossman

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