Jack (at the bridge) & Joey


Hi Lorna,

You have been on my mind so many times when  I have wondered what has happened with your beloved poodle. I wish I had kept in better touch, but, perhaps, a part of me is still hurting so much from Soldier and Jackie Lamb's loss that it has held me back from vicariously going through this all over again. And yet, that is silly, because you are still on my mind.

 It is amazing that both Ray and I still have not really healed from Jackie's death. We can't get over how much he has impacted on our lives after such a short time together, and we are both convinced he was truly one of God's angels. In spite of the terrible pain, Ray and I would never trade our precious time together with him and the opportunity to bring such shining happiness into that little lamb's life.

We know that going through your doggie's cancer or death is sheer hell, and are so sorry that you, too, have to endure this pain. You do so much to help these precious doggies and we wish so much that you, of all people,  could be spared this crappy grief. But please do share with us what is or has happened.

On a much happier note, perhaps you would like an update on our Joey.  I know he needs more exposure to other doggies since he tends to fear them too easily, and I may go ahead and take him to a really good place 50 minutes away and wait about 3 hours for him to become more socialized with them from time to time. But he loves Zoe, his sitter/groomer's dog. They play very well together. And he loves the other tiny, baby poodle that sometimes comes along with Ellen the groomer/sitter and Zoe.  Most important, Joey is one of the happiest little boys in the world! Even his expression and movements suggest his zest for life. He is so-o adorable!!! We are such a perfect neurotic match for one another! He relishes nothing more than the  ridiculous humans in this house who die with delight, drip with gooey talk, swoon and gush over every move he makes, and even become pulled into  playing  that lousy  Tug, (Joey's favorite game...we hate it) whenever he wishes. And he loves his daily walks with his Daddy, and playing in our fenced-in huge back yard (yah...we did it, so Joey could play and run around freely outside.) He is the never-ending center of attention, and frankly can't understand when we have friends over who don't understand his cuteness. Are they deaf? Don't they get it? How could they possibly  attend to other things when he is so irresistible?  ( After all, even our daughter, Heather, can't get over how adorable, how splendid, how...well, did you ever see anything so cute!!!, as when Joey...YAWNS! )

And, truly, Joey is the most adorable, bright, and  full of personality, little boy. And he is so good (I finally found someone who listens to me) So you see, Lorna, Joey was  right all along... Joey and Jackie Lamb are (and were) definitely eunuch. We thank you so much for bringing all this joy into our lives!

We are sending lots of good wishes to you and the doggies for a healthy, happy, fulfilling new year.
Andrea, Ray and, yep, You Know Who

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