Hi Mom-
Just checking in to see how you are doing.  Do you miss me?  I still miss you, but I'm starting to be very comfortable in my new home.  My new mom and dad are really proud of me and tell me what a good girl I am.  In return, they get lots of kisses from me.  My new mom is especially pleased to see me adjusting so quickly.  She's so silly, she was worried it would be really hard for me.  I'm eating all my food now too.
I found a new toy, but I don't think Sheba really cares for it when I play with her tail.  It's so fluffy and full, I like to bury my face in it.  Sheba puts up with this for a while, then she leaves the room.  My new parents think I'm so funny and cute!!    I made my new mom laugh really hard yesterday morning.  She was on the potty and rolled off some toilet paper which I promptly snatched and ran off with.  Then I quickly came back with it, and offered it to her like it was some prize.  She thought that was really funny.  I made my dad smile when I strolled in to the living room with his sock in my mouth and put it on the end table.  My new mom scolded dad, not me, and told him he shouldn't leave things like that lying around. 
My new mom was very pleased with me today.  After she came back from her errands, she let me out of my crate and said outside Jada.  I ran right to the back door, and went potty as soon as I got outside.  Then I raced around the yard with Sheba and my new mom called me and I went right to her.   She or dad come  outside with us to watch and protect us.  She let me play a bit longer, then she called all of us to come inside.  I was the first one to the door, and even had to run back to mom because she doesn't move as fast as we do.  Of course, I was the first one inside too.
Well, I'd better go for now.  I need to take a nap so I can play more later.
Love and kisses-

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