Lieben came from a puppy mill in Missouri in April of 2002 at the age of 12 weeks. He passed away on August 31, 2002 at the age of 7 months. Lieben was born with a very defective heart and underwent open heart surgery in May for a PDA. His surgery was successful to repair this murmur, but when we returned to the vet 2 weeks later he discovered another murmur. He underwent Pulmonary Stenosis surgery Aug 30 at MSU to repair his ever so weak heart. His heart and body were ready to live a full life, but he just could not stop bleeding after the surgery. Lieben was the most awesome foster dog I have ever had in my many years of fostering. His personality was a 10+, he was kind to everyone and everything.. well except Grasshoppers.. had a fondness for those. He was so sweet, and loving, hence the name Lieben, which, in German means "To Love, or Loving" and it could not have been more appropriate. He loved to play with any dog, cat or human. He loved to climb onto my lap for lots of snuggle time, and petting. Although he would never sleep with me, I didn't mind, because he had to sleep in the living room in order to protect us all...even though when he thought I was an intruder one night, he peed himself! :o) Lieben was the character of the ages.. and he will forever be in my heart. Lieben really taught me everlasting love, from the moment he came into my home, he came into my heart to remain there forever. Godspeed little man, I will be anxiously awaiting the day we can meet again.

Jamie- Lieben's foster mom.

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