Just wanted to give you an update on Patzi, now "Maggie" the Shih Tzu that was adopted by us in May.  I don't know if you noticed cloudiness over both of her eyes or not?  We noticed it shortly after bringing her home and our vet had said it could be just the very early stages of cataracts.  But, we weren't satisfied, so we scheduled her to see an animal opthalmologist here in the Lansing area.  She got a wonderful exam and was a good little girl.  Here is a copy of his typed report:
"Maggie previously suffered a full-thickness perforation at the parapical cornea of both eyes.  The most likely cause of this would be a chemical or thermal burn to the central corneas.  Maggie should be considered very fortunate that she did not lose vision or her eyes!  Both corneas have healed beautifully and no further treatment is necessary.  The opacities in both corneas are not impairing vision since they are located below the pupillary axis." 
Bless her heart, she has more of a past than what we'll ever know.  Jack and I couldn't believe it when we heard it was caused from chemical burns and/or a fire.  We definitely are happy we took her in for this appointment....well worth the  $$ to have her eyes checked out.  Gave us peace of mind to know that she was seeing o.k. and that she didn't need any further treatment.  He said we have a beautiful dog and he thought her age was 3-4 years. 
Just thought I would pass this info on to you in case you run into this problem with any of your other puppy mill dogs.  She is a wonderful dog and her social behavior has just blossomed........we feel very blessed to have found her.
Thanks again for all your work and time you spend with these animals.
Jack & Carol Green   (Maggie, too)

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