*****Thank you to Claire and Jamie for all the help you gave us in our adoption process!!!!
My Name:  Riley Ward (my dad's law school class is the Riley Class)
Age:  4 Months
My Favorite things:  running through the garden, trying to eat tomatoes, scooting down the rug in the hall on my belly, chasing the cats, dragging toys to my bed and playing with my belly up to the sky, hopping on bugs in the grass, sleeping under the covers all snuggled up, sleeping late with my dad - I don't "do" mornings so well.
Things I am afraid of: Wiggling myself to death because I get so excited the first time I see my folks everyday; my food dish, I will only eat out of your hand or a plate; the grass - it is too tall for my short little body and I don't like it at all; and the wind.  I just don't understand what it is.
Things I miss from my foster mom, Jamie: 
Homemade treats, playing with the big ol' dogs 1000 times my size, laying on Daisy-my best friend.

Hey everyone!  We are just having the best time ever loving on her. She likes to go with me to pick up Scott every night.  She likes to rip and run through the house. Everyday she is learning more. She recently learned how to make it down the basement steps. They were too steep for her at first.  We also have steps up to our bed for her to climb.  She has finally learned to use them, but is still nervous when she does.  And yesterday, for the first time, she jumped on the couch alone. I am not even sure she realized she did it.  She was trying so hard to get near Belvedere and did it before we realized it.

She isn't so sure about the raincoat yet but I hope she will grow into liking it.  She is so little and gets so cold!!!

Hope you all are enjoying life and having a great week.  Remember if you are thinking of adding to your family adopting a pet a great way to go. There are so many animals out there with no homes and no one to love them.

Love to you all,
Andrea and Scott

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