Sasha (Kellie)

Hi Jan and Al,

Kellie is doing great.   She has gained about 1.5 lbs since her first visit to the vet and this weekend we notice that her ribs do not show as much and her hip bones are a little more padded.   These are things the vet was hoping for.

She often wears a red bandana folded around her neck and people in town are starting to recognize her walking the streets in Milford.  :) She is great with everyone she meet. She is very loving towards us.   The vet check was perfect in every respect, lab, blood work everything was normal.

She is very relaxed in the house now and has chosen 3 spots which she has her dibs on - the couch in the study, the little bed I made her before she arrive near the window in the living room and in our bedroom on the floor near my husband.   She sprawls out totally, sometimes on her back, or legs completely stretched out.

She is a delight, loves to walk in Kensington or anywhere as long as she has our company.   She is very gentle with our cats and the orange tabby is her buddy.   She can stay along for 3 hours now and seems happy to see us but not in a trauma driven way.   She sure is sweet.   Thank you so much for hanging on to her for us.  

Blessings to you both,
Darlene & Tom, Kellie, Mugsy, Paxton and Sam :)

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