Savannah (Bella)

Hi Tammy,
Iím 6 months old now and Iím sooo happy with my new family.
My Mommy says Iím beautiful and thatís why she calls me ďBellaĒ, and she says Iím very intelligent because I can sit, drop, come, down, and sometimes ďstayĒ when Iím asked to.  Of course I'll do anything for a training treat.
I love my big brother Rocco, and I love to play with him, and we go outside every day and we chase the squirrels in the yard for hours and hours every morning, then we come inside and eat and take a big, long nap together.
I have lots of toys at my house and I even share them with Rocco and Tia.  My very favorite toy is a yellow squeeky ball and me and Rocco and Tia each have one of our own.  Me and Rocco throw them around the house all day long and we chase them all over the place.  We run so hard through the house that my Mommy says it sounds like a herd of elephants in here. 
I love to go on walks with Mommy and Rocco and Tia:  Mommy has to put a halti on me and Rocco so that we don't pull and so we'll both learn how to have good walking manners like other civilized doggies.  I get a little nervous when we explore our neighborhood but when Rocco and Tia walk with me I feel better and I just copy-cat what they do.  Mommy says I'm learning good manners from them and, again, that I'm learning lots of stuff from example from my brother and big sister. 
I do love my little cousin "Radar".  He's a Boston Terrier and even though he's a little tiny dog he's big in my heart and when he comes to stay with us I follow him everywhere and I kiss him all over all the time, and he lets me chase him and play with him too!  I like having a doggie cousin.
I'm NOT a barker!!  Mommy's so glad because Rocco barks (talks)  constantly, about everything.   I like to get his attention by biting him in the rear end and then he starts barking and chases me all over the house, and I get a big grin on my face and I run and run and run.  Mommy says I look beautiful when I do that because my bushy tail curls over my back and my head stays up high and I seem to just fly through the air magically.    
Of course I'm very clever and a quick learner and I love to please my Mommy and Daddy and they're really so proud of me; I know that because they tell me that every single day!  Mommy always gets on the floor with me and we cuddle for a long time.  I like to sit on her lap too and kiss her face all over, and she really loves that even though I've gotten so big.  I weigh about 36 pounds now.
I love to get up on the BIG bed with my family every night before I go to sleep;  we all play and bark and goof around until I'm so sleepy that I just have to get off the bed and get down into my own little bed and fall right to sleep, then my Mommy comes to me and kisses me and tells me I'm a girl girl and that she loves me so that every morning I wake up knowing how special I am.
I'm a jumper!  I can jump over almost everything in the house, even Rocco!  But he can't jump over me even though he's bigger than I am has longer legs, that's because I have a special jumping ability almost like I have springs in my legs!!!  Mommy and Daddy are talking about setting up a special doggie obstacle course in our yard because I have such special talents.
I love the snow too!!  Mommy calls me her little "outdoor princess" because Iíll stay outside for hours just jumping around in the snow and sticking my head in it and just laying in it.  I LOVE to be out when it's snowing hard all over and my Mommy took lots of pictures of me playing in the snow, and playing in the snow with Tia and Rocco,  but she accidentally dropped the digital camera that had about 103 pictures of me and my family in it, now those pictures are lost forever and that made my Mommy sad because she had some great pictures she wanted you to see.  But how do you like the ones I sent you here? 
Tammy, thank you for finding such a wonderful home for me; I feel like I was born here and belong here and I'm soooo happy with my wonderful family because I know how much they love me!
When we get another camera Iíll send you more pictures....
Love, Bella

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