Thank you so much for what you are doing and for allowing me to adopt Tigger. If you don't remember, she is the only puppy rescued from the Danville mill last year. She is a one year old cairn terrier now and has been absolutely the best. She stays with me weekdays in Lansing because I work for the Governor. Weekends we come home to Clinton Township where she plays non stop with her two cairn sisters in our half acre (fenced) back yard. She is in puppy nirvana. She adapts well to this traveling lifestyle and is by the door on Mondays so she doesn't get left behind. She loves the whole family, but knows I am her special human.

She is very bright, agile (I am hoping to try some agility training with her), very affectionate, pretty obedient (for a cairn) and just the cutest dog. She learned "sit" the first day I had her. She now will lay down, roll over, crawl, come, stay etc. She is an avid "fetcher" and has de stuffed a record number of dog toys! The first day she met her two cairn sisters, she immediately rolled over on her back and was submissive enough that they immediately voted yes to the adoption! (You may not know that I tried Phoebe, the mini poodle and while she and I got along very well, she wanted my other dogs to back off and told them so. They voted no pretty graphically on her by peeing by Phoebe's food bowl.)

Tigger has been great company on those cold dark winter nights as well as this nice spring and summer. We take a short walk every morning and a long one every evening (unless weather is too bad). She was perfect on a leash as a young puppy, but started pulling when she got a little older, so she is walking with a gentle leader now and will graduate from that when she slows down a little. It is amazing how well it works to get them walking without pulling. It worked wonders for our other dogs. Tigger's favorite resting location is flopping on the back of the couch. She has her legs on the cushion side so if she loses her balance (rarely) she just drops onto the couch. I will send a picture from my husband's computer when he is home (he has the color scanner).

I help out Lorna where I can with her little herd of dogs and will try to contribute financially as often as possible. I am so impressed and supportive of what APB does.

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